The experience Of Learning Chinese / Mandarin With Online Tutors.

Sebastian is a German engineer. He had learned Chinese before but had had a hard time finding a Chinese native to practice with. He has signed up on #tapiooca for over 2 months. He shares his user’s experience and on how his fluency has increased. Let’s see how he makes it! For any language, practice makes perfect. So the more you have a chance to listen, to speak, and to apply language, and the better it is. That’s one of the reasons I like tapiooca, because I can learn anytime, just from home, from my desk and immediately can find a teacher and can practice with. I used to look for language exchange, I used to look for my co-workers, some friends, and it’s not so easy, because not everyone has time. And when you do the language exchange, sometimes you have to really check the quality, and it is very hard to make a schedule. So I prefer to go to tapiooca, book a class and get the teacher right away!